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All about tools - part 1 - Blow Dryers

Today I was asked a question, that I have been asked a million times before. It was about that "thingy" on the end of my blow dryer. Why is that "thingy" there. I knew at that moment that this is a topic that needs clarification.

First - that "thingy" or nozzle is called a concentrator (in professional circles) does exactly what it says. It concentrates the air flow in a single direction rather that every which way. Way back when, before I became a salon professional (25 + years ago), I remember getting a blow dryer from Sears Roebuck and Co (where you got your stuff then), opening up the box, seeing the extra nozzle "thingy" and throwing it away in the box. Just as many of you do today.

What is the purpose of the concentrator and why keep it? First, let us examine a short history of the blow dryer.

The first blow dryer, as we know them today, appeared in 1925. It produced a mere 100 watts of heat. That is nothing compared to the 2000 watts produced by many professional dryers today (my favorite and personal choice is the Ergo) Dryers were also much heavier, weighing in at just over 2 pounds mostly because they were made of steel and zinc. Much different from the plastic dryers of today.

How the heat works... Super basic. An electric motor rotates the blades that force air through electrified wires that are heated much like a toaster. You can control the force of the air flow and the intensity of the heat, including bring the heat down to cold with just a push of the cool shot button. What a great difference the blow dryers today are from the old heavy clunky, slow, not so hot dryers of the past.

Now for the Nozzle...AKA the Concentrator

DON'T LEAVE IT IN THE BOX OR THROW IT AWAY!! Fight the urge! Your hair will thank you. As I said before, the nozzle helps to concentrate the airflow from the blow dryer to the specific area you are working on. Hence the term "concentrator". With out this "thingy" you will bow starnds all over the place leaving your hair fuzzy and frissy looking.

So...keep the nozzle. Have great brushes (Ergo as well) and make sure you follow the brush with the dryer - nozzle attached and you will have beautiful smooth and shiny hair!

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