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Hair color ...over 40...

Are you wearing the right color? Many factors go into the right color and style that best suit you. Skin tone, face shape, eye color and yes even lifestyle. Age is also a factor in choosing the right hair color.

The mistake women over 40 make is using hair color to "look younger" or think they have to look old. Here is a list of the most common mistakes made.

Too dark Going too dark with your color will create the illusion of more fine lines and wrinkles. Always think a shade or two lighter to create light reflection to your skin. Also, if you are predominately gray, dark hair can show a more apparent line of demarcation when you hair starts to grow in.

Too light Conversely, hair that is too light may give the appearance of looking gray. It is important to maintain contrast between your hair color and skin tone. Without this contrast, your hair loses depth and you will look washed out.

Too highlighted just like being too light you can look washed out, but even moreso if your hair is over highlighted, it can look damaged and lackluster. Staying away from ashy tones and keeping light bright golden tones around your face keep your skin looking warm and youthful.

Too Ashy This gives the appearance of flat and muddy. If you are pale this look most definitely make your skin look washed out and gray as well, just as being too light will.

As always, consult with your stylist for the right color for you!

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