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Blow Drying Tips and Tricks

Can I Take you home with me?

I want my hair to look like this every day!

These are two of the most common questions I get before a client leaves my chair. Here are 5 tips for the perfect post salon blow out at home. Don’t get frustraited about recreating that salon blow dry…


The right product helps to protect and prepare your hair against the heat and tension during the drying process. We recommend Keune’s 2 Phase spray. 2 Phase enhances shine, reduces frizz and acts as an instant detangler and great for all hair types. It is also important to layer or cocktail the right styling product for the final result you are looking for. Whether, volume, sleek and straight or curl, we have what you need. All of these product are, of course, applied after rough drying.


Section in your hair is probably one of the single most underused technique used at home. You’re hairdresser sections your hair when blow drying. Take that tip home with you. We section the hair in order t not only expedite the drying process, but to ensure each section is dried in the style we are looking for. This is a definite do as the hair dresser does. Section the front from the back and top from bottom. From there take small subsections at a time to dry. Guaranteed you will have a better result focusing on one area and you won’t get frustrated or overwhelmed.


What? Rough dry? Yes…rough dry first…always. Hair is porous, like a sponge. If you have a sponge and it is full and soaking wet, can you absorbe anymore liquid? No! Same with your hair. If your hair is soaking wet and you go to put styling product on your hair, it’s just going to slip off. There is no where for it to go. And, you can cause more damage to your hair drying it from soaking wet as well since the product won’t stay around to protect.


There are a lot of different brushes out there. Each type is right for a specific hair type. For volume and downs on fine hair to medium hair, a metal brush works best. This brush kits up and ask like a curling iron giving added balance and movement. Or bristle brushes are best for medium to coarse hair with texture. This type of brush will grip the hair and add the optimal amount of tension to give a smooth hair with Shine and bounce.


Use the nozzle that came with your blow dryer. Without this directional nozzle, the blow dryer will push her hair cuticle in different directions and rough up the texture. Therefore you get friends. Hairdressers use the nozzle to force the hair cuticle down and to create smooth shiny hair. I guarantee if you use the nozzle you will get a greater results.

Hopefully these five tips and tricks will help you get the perfect blowdry at home. Do you have a favorite tip or tool? If so let us know!

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